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Sedir Island

A small fishing island off of the gılf of Gokova slightly north of Marmaris and situated on the Bodrum Peninsula within the Mugla province, Sedir Island is a fifteen-minute boat ride away from the mainland of Turkey. The island is also known locally as Cleopatras Island and there is a beach here that is now protected by the government to stop anyone removing any of the sand. Egypt is the only other place where the sand is like this each grain is perfectly spherical and made from shell. Legend says that the sand was shipped here from north Africa by Cleopatra herself. The days of fishing being the main source of income are long gone and today its tourism, Sedir Island has clean warm waters, long hot sunny summer days and sunsets of every colour it's not difficult to see why people want to come.

Just South of Sedir is Kissebuku and Kargili bays both surrounded by pine forests and both with turquoise waters perfect for cruising along the Mediterranean and sailing northwest the fantastic Cokertme Bay.