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Porto Ceneviz

Slightly north of the Mediterranean coastal town of Adrasan is the wide-open bay of Porto Ceneviz, the rocks rise out of the sea almost horizontally giving this bay a protected feel. The sea here is calm and the waters warm. Porto Ceneviz is within the Antalya district and just a short way up the coast is the historical and magical ancient city of Olympos. Getting to Porto Ceneviz can be tricky if driving as the road ends in Olympos you can walk through the forest or hop on a small boat if you are already on a Mediterranean blue cruise then by boat no problem. The history of the bay as with many of the bays up and down this part of Turkeys Coast is entangled with many tales of piracy… the coves where a great place to hide and gave the element of surprise, also growing naturally in this region can be found many different types of fruits, herbs there are also wild animals meaning that a short stay here would have been welcome. The distance between Porto Ceneviz and the large town of Fethiye to the west is 216 kilometres and will take approximately 3 and a half hours and between Antalya and Porto Ceneviz it will take 1 and a half hours travelling 84 kilometres.

A few other places in the area that you will not want to miss are Sazak Bay to the south, Kekova island just around the headland and slightly further following the coast southwards is the town of Kas a well-known spot for sea diving.