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Karacaoren Island

Karacaoren Island is just south of Gemeler Island just around the headland from the main town of Fethiye and a stone's throw from the most photographed beach in Europe, Olu Deniz. A small pretty island with shelters bays and refreshingly cold water from the underwater cold springs in this area, perfect for the hot summer of Turkey. Getting there is easy either by boat from either Fethiye or Olu Deniz or by road through the Kayakoy Village (Ghostown).then about another 15 mins and you will reach Gemeler beach where you can hop on a small put-put boat to the island. Nearby the famous beach at Olu Deniz with its rolling waves and the Babadag Mountain where you will see paragliders swooping down from. Also in this area is the Beautiful Butterfly Valley only really accessible by boat, there is a hiking path from the mountain road above but it is very steep and a moderate to hard hike