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From the seaside resort town of Marmaris, you can hop on a boat and sail south to the Kadirga Liman. Liman means port and here at Kadirga, that’s not exactly what you will find. In fact, there is an absence of any structures, buildings or much signs of life at all, except for the boats and yachts that come into the bay to anchor and relax. A great place to swim and the water here is clean the bay is surrounded by small clifflike rock formations giving the bay shelter and a feel of seclusion, however, during the hot summer months of July and August there will be quite a few tourists enjoying the waters and soaking up the sun. The history of the bay is sketchy but we know it was a small fishing port and also a snug hideaway for Barbery pirate ships in the 17th century as were many of the bays and coves along the southern coast of turkey.
South you find the Greek island of Kos and Kadirga is also located just around the headland from the smaller Greek island of Symi.